9 Kitchen Hacks To Simplify Healthy Eating

In the busy world that we all live in healthy eating can be quite the challenge especially with quick and unhealthy options always being available. But there are ways to stay on track with your healthy eating plans without breaking the budget, or losing your sanity. These nine kitchen hacks will help anyone stay on track no matter how busy your life is.

1. Meal prep

Normally you go grocery shopping and put all the food away in the packages that they come in and as they are but throughout the week that leaves a lot of prep to do. For fresh vegetables and fruits you don’t have the time to cut up during the week do it when you get home and store it in the fridge, of freezer. If that is too much there are even store bought fruits and vegetables pre-cut and packaged where you can grab what you need and go do what works for you.

2. Freezer meals

Everyone is busy but most people have at least one day off during that day figure out your meals and cook them they can be frozen after they are cooled in individual portion containers where when it comes time to eat whenever you have healthy microwave meals.

3. Instant pot/ slow cooker

Ok so not everyone can afford a instant pot but a lot of people can and most people can afford a basic slow cooker at least. These are life savers with the slow cooker throw everything in it before you go to work put on low and leave it when you come home stir it up and eat. For those that have an instant pot it really makes a thirty minute dinner possible even when you forgot to use the slow cooker and it basically is the same concept throw it in and leave it.

4. Get junk food out of your house

This may seem obvious but one big thing that ruins healthy eating every time is constantly seeing food that is going to tempt you to be unhealthy. Get the junk food out of your house no chips, no candy, and no sweets that are not fruit in their natural state.

5. Take lunch to work

Going out to work or in general is where a lot people fail at healthy eating and that is because when out healthy eating is not fast or cheap. To save both money and yourself just take your lunch with you and if you are prepping your meals and doing freezer meals this is as simple as grabbing it out of your freezer on the way out the door it doesn’t have to take a long time and it doesn’t have to mean that you give up your sleep.

6. Keep it simple

A lot of people feel like healthy eating has to be so complicated and that it takes a super long time to fix and make. All of that is wrong eating healthy can very simple, cheap, and most importantly easy. Focus on your food groups get a good protein like beans, a whole grain such as brown rice, and a vegetable of your choice put it together and you have a high protein, low fat meal without a ton of effort.

7. Meal plan

Another way that people fail is by not knowing what they are going to eat for the week before they even go to the store. Don’t look in your pantry and wonder what am I going to eat? Look in the pantry and see what you have write it down if it makes it easier. Then plan out easy healthy meals based on what you have, and what you want then go to the store with your plan and grocery list.

8. Use what you have

Even if you are just starting out eating healthy chances are you have a ton of stuff already that you can use. Eating healthy doesn’t mean starting from scratch if you have canned vegetables use them put them as sides in your meals it makes your life easier, cheaper, and less stressful.

9. Once a week shopping

The last thing that seems to keep people from eating healthy is the thought everything has to be fresh and that you need to shop all the time because stuff is going bad. Totally false do once a week shopping with a plan, meal prep/ do freezer meals and be done with it don’t let eating rule your whole life it doesn’t have to get in the way of anything. When you are shopping stay on the edges and get only what is on your list as that will help keep junk out of your house and out of mind.

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