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Ever sit in your living room and think ” Man I wish I had more space, but my television stand is so big”? Well, Did you hear about LG trying to create a poster-like television? If you thought the company was taking their cell phone technology to the next level, well this new 65inch rollable OLED display tv has the potential to change the world of television forever. Though LG claims the television to be only a prototype at this stage in development, the Korean company has definitely gotten television distributors excited.

Whats does it do?


Apparently the new device sits inside a box that rolls a display screen up and down, like a scroll. This is done with a command from a remote. The screen itself is said to be a 4k resolution OLED television screen that is wrapped around a spindle inside a box that can be displayed or hidden with the push of a button. This gives you the option of having a huge screen for entertainment or extra table space for an event.

Not only can the screen be rolled out to full length for the ultimate watching experience, it can also be scrolled out partially to be used as an informational display for things like the weather or news reports. In addition, having this ability to adjust its aspect ratio allows the display screen to be used for a picture slideshow or as a stereo system to play music, or for any other form of media you may desire. How cool is it to have all your favorite forms of media all wrap into one entertainment system?

The Challenges


As, excited as I may be about this new television technology, LG still has a few kinks they need to work out before this can become a reality in the homes of people like you and me. The first concern that may be driving the tech world insane, is that the Korean company has not released prospective pricing for the television. Something in which I am sure is frustrating to people who are anticipating its release. However, LG does not have a set price at this time.

LG also refuses to release any details about the weight of the display screen or the box that it scrolls down into. This can make it very difficult to determine exactly where you can place the television in your home. To make things even more questionable, LG seemed pretty determined to hide all of the mechanical counter parts behind the box, apparently propping the display up. There is no news on whether or not these pieces of the display will become smaller or disappear all together, but it is understandable why LG would want to protect the image of their new product.

Still Want to Buy it?


Now lets not get too nervous or upset just yet. They did say it was only a prototype right now. I bet even with the minor kinks, LG is going to have their hands full with the demand of getting these televisions out to everyone. This TV is most likely going to be the most flexible technology the world has ever seen.

If that’s not enough, you get to have it in your very own house. Roll it up for entertainment, or roll it down when you need a little extra space for that party you’ve been planning all year. Either way, there is no denying that this new tv is an impressive piece of technology.

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