Are Video Games Safe For Parents

There are definitely games you should not play in front of your parent, aunts, uncles and especially your grandparents. I guess the sexy, sleazy almost fanatical games are a way to escape? Or maybe it is a way for some to enjoy the wild side, guilt free; after all it is only a video game. The billion dollar industry does not care who you do it with, just as long as you keep doing it.

I do not find the humor in this type of entertainment, but apparently billions of dollars later many do find this amusing. Imagine entering your parent’s bedroom, and hearing every little passionate sound they make. How about poking fun at fat people, who in my opinion are one of the accepted prejudices we allow in this country. Let’s throw in a few vulgar passwords about f**king your mother for good measure, and don’t forget we want to downplay abuse, so let’s show drunken parents abusing each other. I think most parents would not get this kind of humor, and it might best to shield them.

Imagine when you are not desensitizing yourself from some of life’s most horrid problems, you can go the opposite route, and play My Name is Mayo. You just try and open a jar of mayonnaise, yes I am serious you just keep clicking the jar top, and eventually you will open it. Why you ask? The answer fits the game, no reason other then when you open the jar you might see a bra and under pants, or you might find a giant arm pit.

Now let’s take a look at Duke Nukem, wow this one continues to baffle me. It starts out with him peeing, and two girls are under him. I can not believe I am saying this but,the only part that makes sense is the farting in this game. Most boys do enjoy farting, and I am sure a lot of men do too! Along with the farting they get to save hot girls from aliens, so this game must be a hit.

Let’s not forget Catherine the game. The premise is a man is engaged to an upstanding perfect girl. However, the complete opposite girl shows up to seduce him. Now let’s trivialize the gay community, because Catherine is not a woman at all. After all of that, somehow this turns out to be a horror game, and you must enter your own nightmare, and fight demons, and you have to stay faithful to survive.

The list of video games is endless. Where else can you find Potato Thriller that sports a killer potato man, that deep fries his victims? How about soda Drinker Pro where you drink soda or Staying Alive the one video game you probably should not let your parents watch you play. Why you ask? Well simply because it makes them come face to face with their own mortality. Like them or hate them video games are here to stay. I can give you a billion reasons why, but only one word counts money. As long as they make money nothing will be off limits.



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