Clear Signs You Were Raised The Right Way

Almost everything you do can reflect back to your upbringing. The criticism we often get from others about how we were raised will either praise our parents for a job well done or condemn them for the actions we take.

Truth is our parents are not the only contributors to our upbringing. There are a number of people and scenarios that made us what we are today teachers, friends, family members, babysitters, movies we watched, games we played, and more.

Here are 15 things you would or Wouldn’t do if you were raised right…

1.You Would Not Judge Others

No matter how another person acts, you would never judge or criticize them to make them look bad or put them now. No one is beneath you and you don’t think that you are better than anyone else.

2.You Would Care About Other People’s Feelings

If someone is having a hard time and don’t feel very well you try to help them out because you feel bad for them and care about other people’s feelings.

3.You Would Have Basic Manners

You say please, thank you, excuse me, pardon me, nice to meet you, offer others to go first, hold the door open for people, when walking through a door you look back to see if there is someone else coming before letting the door close.

4.You Would Treat Other People’s Stuff Like Your Own

Respecting other people’s property shows a lot about your upbringing especially if someone loses something and you find and return it when most others would keep it.

5.You Wouldn’t Throw Things Up That you Do For Others

If you do something for someone without throwing it up to them later or mention it to others you were raised right.

6.You Would Say You Are Sorry

Nobody’s perfect, including you, so you will make mistakes but you justify it by knowing you were wrong and say, “I’m sorry”

7.You Would Respect Your Elders

You understand that older people are wiser and you respect them for that and for living a longer life than you.

8.You Would Show Your Appreciation To Others

If someone does something for you, you actually take the time out to show appreciation and thank you.

9.You Would Do Your Fair Share

People, who were raised right, will never try to get out of doing their part to pitch in. If you are part of a team, you will do your part and pull your weight.

10.You Wouldn’t Leave Others Out

When everyone is running and someone falls, you are the one who goes back for them. If nobody wants to sit next to someone on the bus, you volunteer, if you see the new kid sitting alone at lunch. you join him. What a nice guy.

11.Your Word Would be as Good as Gold

If you were raised right, then every time you give someone your word, you will go out of your way to stand by it

12.You Would Have Patience

You always wait your turn and never try to get ahead of others, if someone is having a hard time doing something you never rush them and wait patiently.

13.You Would Make Sacrifices For Others

You give up your seat for an elderly, disabled or pregnant person when there are no other seats available, you got the last one but gave it to someone less fortunate.

14.You Wouldn’t Waste Other People’s Time

A person who was raised right would never waste someone’s time by telling them to meet them somewhere and not show up.

15.You WOuld Make People Feel Comfortable Around You

If you were raised right then others will feel comfortable around you and enjoy your company.

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