Cordless Drill vs Impact Driver: Which Do You Need?

If you want to build a project with a stable foundation, you will likely need drill that can support you. There are many drills that you can use other than cordless drill and impact drivers.

Neither of these drills are able to do every function, but both of them have a great amount of functions. If you live in America, you can likely find all of these drivers at your local Home Depot or Lowes. Having both of them will give the options to install and remove screws as well as reinforce materials with different torques.

You cordless drill will allow you to work on a variety of projects. With it you work on so many projects like a bookshelf, computer, TV, chair, doorknob and many others. The benefit of it being portable, makes the process much more convenient than constantly wondering if you have enough cord.

It’s not just a fancy screwdriver. There are multiple options for bits, different torques and you can also use an option for forward and reverse on your drill. Many of them have high quality craftsmanship and has rechargeable batteries so you won’t have to keep on buying them. You should get one that is highly rated so that you can perform the functions that you need.

Impact drivers are necessary if you want more force out of your tools. Each one uses anvil that constantly pounds against the material that you are working on. Impact drivers are usually smaller than the impact drills, so they’re more compact. They many things that a cordless drill does, just differently.

Impact drivers will not use round shank bits. Many of them will use quarter inch hex shanks. They tend to be more pricey, but there are some excellent budget impact drivers. It is also important to be careful with the force that they can produce.

In the end, these are two products that do the same thing but should be used at different times. Your drill will have a wide variety of options when it comes to bits, but lack in speed and power. Your impact driver may have much more force and speed, but isn’t more compatible with every bit.

Your impact driver needs to be used when you want force. For example, you want connect a thick piece of wood to another material, you use the impact driver because it goes through much easier. If you’re working on something delicate, like a chair and just want to install drills, use your cordless drill.

New To Cordless Drills?

Are you searching for a best cordless drill? But you don’t have any idea what to get? First off, let me tell you, I am a woman, and I have my own drill. I love it, and always have it charged and ready for battle. It has been a great experience, as I like to get things done.

You have to know what you will be using it for. Are you going to use it just to hang pictures and shelves, or maybe putting small things together. You would do best with a small 12 volt drill. Many women and men are using the smaller drills for crafts. You can drill holes in lightweight wood. There are also 14.4 and 18 volt drills for heavier duty jobs. Keep in mind that these types are bigger, heavier, and harder to handle.

There are also brush, and brushless drills. Brush drills are what everyone has used, forever. Brushless is a new technology. These type of drills are a bit expensive, but worth the cost, if you need more power. The brushless drill are more powerful and last longer, enabling you to get things done faster.

As you may know there are several companies to choose from when looking at drills. It used to be just Black and Decker, now there is Makita, Dewalt, Hitachi, Bosch, and more. It can get overwhelming. Most construction companies use Dewalt, and Makita. They are used for drilling wood, bricks, and more. You are sure to find what you need at a price you feel comfortable with.

I myself started out with an 18 volt Dewalt. Yes, too heavy and awkward for my little jobs. I now have a smaller one, with a flashlight on it. It’s great for some dark area jobs. Have fun picking out yours!


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