How To Place Fans In Each Room Of The House

Proper fan placement around your home is really the best thing that you can do for yourself when you are trying to keep your house cool. Remember that you can get the house to stay cool all the time if you move the fans to the spots where they will actually work. It is so much easier for you to keep the house cool with less energy if you have just done a couple things that I have tried. All the things that I have done in my house have kept the rooms cool, and I think that you can do the same thing in your house. Try my tips, and you will keep your family happy.

Use Box Fans

The best thing that you can do to start is to have a box fan that you will use as something like a whole house fan. Most houses have two types of areas. You have the big living area and the bedroom area where there is a hallway. You need to place a fan in both of these areas, but they have to be pleased in spots that you get the best results from.

Where To Place The Fans

The box fan has to be pleased at the end of the hall so that it will pull air into an empty room. That room will be warm, but the rest of the hall will be much cooler because the cool hair is being sucked in by the fan. You could do the same by placing the fan in a window, and it will suck all the air and push outside. You get cooler air to stay in the house, and you did very little work to make it happen. You might not have found out a way to make this work before, but you can get smaller box fans that will fit in your windows. You will be pretty happy about this, and you will see the change in the way that you are managing your cooling.

The Corner Of The Room

The next step has to be making sure that you have a fan in the corner of a room if you are trying to cool it quickly. A ceiling fan could be really ineffective if it is not set up right, and you should be sure that you have chosen the corner that points to a closed space.

Power Settings

You have to be sure that you have chosen a fan that has power setting that you will be able to change. The problem with cooling your house with fans is that you can do it a little bit too vigorously. You have to use fans that you can turn down at night if you want, and you can turn them back up when you are hot in the middle fo the day. You also have to be sure that you have made some choices that will help you adjust during the day and night. You will use less energy at night because it is not as hot, and you can turn them back up during the day.

Attic Fans

You can use a fan for the attic that will suck air up there and clear the whole upper level of your house. A lot of people forget this, and the entrance to the attic is usually in a central location.

Using All These Steps Together

I have tried all these things, and I am really pleased with the way that it has worked out. I hope that you will try all these fan placements because they do make a big difference. You do not even have to turn on your HVAC system because these fans are actually more efficient.

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